How Top Recruiters Are Recruiting Top Talents Using Unique Methodologies?

In this ever-evolving world with a huge impact of social media and other Internet trends, the recruitment methodologies have also changed tremendously. Almost everyone would agree that the scope of the term ‘recruitment’ has completely changed. A recruiter does not believe in going through stacks of resumes to find the right person for a job. A two-page write up about a prospective employee doesn’t let us peek into their attitude and personality, as compared to a one on one interview. Recruiters and employers have accepted the fact that for best results, an attitude of the employee is more important in comparison to the skill set they possess. That said, it does not mean that skill is not important. Point being that a candidate with a positive outlook should be preferred, because skill can be acquired through training, but their attitude is quite difficult to change.  

With the changes in the recruitment industry, there is a rise in the number of recruitment consultants in India. These recruitment consultants will formulate a recruitment strategy that could help you identify the best person available, with the help of strategic recruitment methodologies. 

Everyone wants to employ the best and brightest people out there, for their company. And finding the very best people is an art that requires out-of-the-box and innovative recruitment strategies. 

The recruitment Trend in India is going to see a paradigm shift. Hence making adaptation to unique methodologies by the recruiters inevitable. Let’s have a look at few of the innovative strategies applied by recruitment consultants in India: 

1. Recruitment agencies are now forming an online network through which they form a community of active and passive candidates. The online networking events are the best place to interact with people from all fields of work. The greater benefit of such a community is that you can interact with a lot of people without spending your resources in the terms of time and money. Over the period of time, it has been proven that social media and recruitment seem to be a match made in heaven. 

2. Another interesting concept applied nowadays is Audition interviews. Recruiters do no want to go through a stack of templates about the skills of an employee that obviously is created to impress the employer. The prospective candidates are put through a series of real-time tests, through which the thought process of the applicant is analyzed. 

3. Recruitment agencies, with the help of their clients, create an impactful employment branding campaign. The current employees are the best people to corroborate how it is to work with their current organizations. Employees are introduced to a referral program, through which they are rewarded for every successful recruitment. It has been observed that current employees go out of the way to find the best-suited applicant.

4. Companies are now accepting the concept of open-ended positions. An open environment and flexible work options are provided to the applicants. A lot of agencies have started creating content, which enables the applicants to see what it is like to actually work at an office.  

All said and done, the recruitment process should be relevant to the industry, to which it is catering. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of hiring the best available candidate, so get in touch with us now!