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  • Salary: ₹850,000.00 - ₹1,100,000.00 / Yearly
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  • Experience 2 - 5 years

Job Description

About Company  : With a global team size of over 370 and specialization in providing data management solutions to the aeronautics industry, the company has established itself as a key player in its field. Being a subsidiary of the world’s most renowned airline maintenance group company adds further credibility to its reputation. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has likely gained valuable experience and expertise in understanding the unique data management needs of the aeronautics industry. With its extensive knowledge and resources, it can offer tailored solutions to help airlines and other aviation companies effectively manage their data, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency. The fact that many airline companies worldwide trust this company as a trusted partner is a testament to its reliability and the quality of its services. Building trust in the aviation industry is crucial, and being recognized as a trusted partner reflects the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and maintaining strong relationships with its clients. Overall, this company’s combination of industry expertise, global presence, and the trust placed in it by airlines around the world positions it as a leading provider of data management solutions to the aeronautics industry.

How do you get to contribute to the role in our Business Intelligence & Processes Team?

  • You will support the Business Intelligence operating model in line with business requirements and be instrumental in driving analytical reporting in line with the OKRs.
  • You will take pride in the accuracy and completeness of data and strive to identify any missing data sources or potential trends.
  • You will work with teams on business priorities and deliver analysis that supports agile working methodologies.
  • You will help to drive OKRs across the organisation, informing all phases of the process through the provision of accurate and complete data, creation of market-leading analytics, and direct consultation to enhance the value provided.
  • You will develop and maintain strong working relationships with key stakeholders and increase the use of data analytics to drive decisions.
  • You will develop cutting-edge analytics and reporting formats that suit the varied needs of stakeholders to the OKR process.
  • You will demonstrate the value of analytics to those responsible for data collection and create a value loop to help ensure the data collected is as accurate as possible and drives value for  those collecting it.
  • You will identify any data that ceases to be useful and either correct the approach taken or stop the collection process to avoid inefficiency.
  • You will work on the design and implementation of a transactional market growth model, reporting tools, and data collection in partnership with the Market Intelligence Analyst.
  • You will be responsible for delivering analytics and insights that drive decisions to achieve our strategic objectives.
  • You will be expected to make recommendations to key stakeholders on the right business decision based on the business intelligence provided.
  • You will deliver insight to answer ad-hoc queries to inform tactical decision-making.
  • You will be responsible for the selection and integrity of the reporting tools used to ensure that they deliver the right level of reporting variety and accessibility to best fit company needs.


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