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Full time @Shreyansh Gupta in Development
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Job Detail

  • Experience 3 - 5 years

Job Description

Position: React Native Sr Dev/Dev

  • Min 4-6  years of software development experience.
  • Min 2-4 years of experience in  Developing and publishing Android  or iOS applications.
  • Min 2-4 years of experience in implementing React Native based cross platform applications
  • Hands-on Javascript (ES6), functional programming, Promises, modules.
  • Implementation experience in React  Native UI Components, layouts, Flexbox, lifecycle, Stylesheets, React hooks, Props, React Navigation, Redux, other state management frameworks, Axios/Fetch
  • Implementation experience leveraging React native third party libraries for Maps, UI scaling, Styles, Secure storage, Permissions, Navigation, Splash screen, Network, Analytics. Push notifications, Localization, Calendar, OCR etc
  • Good knowledge and implementation experience leveraging Expo.
  • Good knowledge of CI/CD tools like FastLane, AWS CodeBuild for Build-Test-Deploy of React Native apps for iOS and Android
  • Very good expertise in Performance profiling, memory leak detection and resolution of issues
  • Deep Knowledge of Git (including merging, branching and resolving merge conflicts)
  • Good knowledge of configuring and running ESLint


If you are interested in the above job profile, kindly revert with your updated cv.

Required skills