Shreyansh Gupta


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A fortuity event inspired me from being an Engineer to a Talent Expert. I’ve seen recruitment from the lens of many small & large organizations and its evolution over the last few years. Having worked closely with companies such as Google, Lowe’s, MasterCard, Boeing, Luftanza Group, Tech Mahindra, BORN Commerce, Neosoft technology, Zealous system and many tech giants, small – medium enterprises (SMEs) & Start-ups, I realized the increasing need for solving recruitment from a candidate’s perspective. I come with vast experience in end to end technical recruitment across diverse engineering product area domains.

There is nothing greater than finding opportunities for smart people to do awesome things, and it is a fantastic process that I feel lucky to participate in. I thrive in rapidly growing, innovative organizations. Am passionate about technology and providing the best recruiting experience for candidates and hiring managers alike. As a Talent Acquisition professional, I enjoy building relations within and beyond the talent space across geography.

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